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Outdoor Activities: Summer

True North Outpost

Visit or call the Front Desk at 906-774-2747 for times and to register.

More Summer Activities

  • A serene waterfall cascades into a clear, rocky pool surrounded by lush trees and rocks in a forest setting, under a partially cloudy sky.

Enchanting Waterfalls

Upper Peninsula & Northwoods Wisconsin’s Waterfalls are heavenly places that are tranquil, unique and all natural. Hike for an hour or spend the day enjoying the untamed beauty on the trails that lead to magnificent falls.

  • A person is riding a mountain bike along a trail through a dense, sunlit forest with tall trees and moss-covered ground.

Hiking, Biking & Running

Explore the best trails in Iron Mountain, Michigan. With more than 15 Iron Mountain trails covering 490 miles, you’re bound to find the perfect trail. Round up the family for a fun-filled bike excursion.

  • A hand gently touches the surface of the water from the side of a yellow kayak, creating small ripples in a calm, serene setting.

Kayaking & Canoeing

Kayaking & Canoeing can be relaxing or adventurous, depending on the type of water that you choose. If you crave a thrill the UP has white water rivers; for a more peaceful time enjoy kayaking and canoeing on our rivers and lakes.

  • A person is holding a fishing rod over the ocean on a clear day, with the tip of the rod pointing towards the water.

Fisherman's Paradise

Whatever your preference, Iron Mountain Michigan is the place to fish. Iron Mountain has over 50 fishing spots and over 15 species of dish including Perch, Walley, Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike, Crappie, Smallmouth Bass, Rock Bass, Rainbow Trout, Bream/Bluegill bream/bluegill.

  • Two people riding an ATV through a lush, forested trail, wearing helmets for safety.

For ATV/UTV Enthusiasts

Iron Mountain’s trails and roads wind through forested areas, across creaks, near lakes and rivers. There are literally hundreds of miles of riding trails. Enjoy a comfortable and scenic cruise or an adventurous backwoods romp.

  • A hiker with a large backpack walks through a dense forest on a narrow trail, surrounded by tall trees and green foliage.


An abandoned vertical iron mine that is now home to one of the largest hibernating/breeding bat colonies (up to 1 million bats) in North America. There is a self-guided interpretive program at the site to inform visitors on the benefit of bats.

  • A person wearing a helmet and harness is zip-lining through the air with a backdrop of trees and a cloudy sky.

Zip Lining

Unleash your inner aerial daredevil as you soar through the trees along the Menominee River.

  • A person is rock climbing on a steep cliff, secured with climbing gear, against a backdrop of blue sky and clouds.

Rock & Alpine Climbing

With routes from easy to medium to hard, there are trips for any skill level.

  • A person dressed in paintball gear is aiming a paintball gun while kneeling behind a brightly colored inflatable bunker during a game.

Paint Ball

Paint Ball has the power to turn your friends into sworn enemies, to reveal your courage in the face of danger.

  • The image shows a large, industrial machine inside a warehouse-like building, with British and Irish flags hanging on the wall in the background.

Cornish Pumping Engine

View the largest steam-driven pumping engine ever built in the United States, it is a Michigan Historic Site, National Historic Site, a Michigan Historic Civil Engineering Landmark and a National Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark. In addition to the mammoth steam engine, this museum also displays extensive underground mining equipment.

  • People in helmets and yellow jackets entering Iron Mountain Iron Mine, with a sign above reading, “A Geologist’s Paradise.”


Visit the World-Famous Underground Iron Mine. See amazing rock formations & large underground lighted caverns. Travel 2,600 feet through drifts & tunnels to 400 feet below the earth's surface.

  • A wildcat stands on fallen branches in a forested area, blending with the natural environment.


Gaze into fields and the forest and you might see black bears, red foxes, grey foxes, wild elks, white tail deer, bobcats and other wild-species.

  • A person in a black shirt is jumping to block the volleyball over a net, with a clear blue sky in the background.

Volley Ball

Iron Mountain Resort is a family-oriented vacation destination, with all the amenities of a full-service resort. Enjoy a game of volley-ball with your family and friends. Or make it a friendly competition.

  • A large LEGO plane with black and white stripes is next to a smaller LEGO plane and miniature figurines on the ground, all on a beige surface.


The Museum features one of only seven fully-restored CG-4A gliders in the world, as well as extensive military displays.

  • A person wearing a dark jacket and beanie aims a rifle in a forested area with tall trees in the background.


Discover, explore and hunt Michigan's diverse wildlife.

  • A lush forest floor covered in green foliage with a birch tree in the center and other trees in the background, creating a serene woodland scene.

Michigan's Flora

Discover, explore and hunt Michigan's diverse wildlife.